The Foundation Yoga Course is for students wishing to deepen their practice and / or as the prerequisite for the Teacher Training Course is the other entry requirements are not met. The Course comprises 24 days of practice and study, 3 days in a week or 24 consecutive days. The emphasis is on non-competitive personal practice and self-development, learning through experience. Comprehensive course notes are provided.

Teacher Training Course This course focuses on the skills required to teach yoga in a safe and inspiring way. This is achieved through gaining deeper knowledge and practical experience in a safe and nurturing environment which heightened self-awareness, confident will grow enabling knowledge to be intutively shared. On meeting the prerequisite students can join the course which comprises 48 days of practice and study, held over four months (3 days in a week) or 48 consecutive days. Comprehensive course notes are provided.

Ayurvedic Foot Pressure Massage (Chavutty Thirummal) CHAVUTTY THIRUMMAL literally means chavutty: by foot, thirummal: massage. In using the foot the masseur has his full body weight at his command, by holding a rope. The massage originated in Kerala many years ago with the development of the martial art Kalari. It was used to remove pain and swelling after a hit or sprain, to normalise muscles, ligaments and dislocated joints and also to expedite the mending of broken bones. Subsequently it was adopted by Kathakali (dance form) students to relax and rejuvenate their muscles. It tones and loosens rigid muscles and ligaments. This massage is usually given over a ten day period to progressively relax and penetrate deeper levels, thereby completely rejuvenating tissues and stretching and loosening rigid ligaments.